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Uncalibrated CT Reconstruction for One-Shot Scanning of Arbitrary Trajectories

CT systems with high degrees of freedom such as robot-guided setups allow CT scanning with arbitrary 3D trajectories. However, many existing systems require an additional calibration scan to determine the exact source/detector poses of new trajectories.

In this paper, we show that using a novel reconstruction technique, the calibration scan can be omitted with only a minor loss in accuracy. This is demonstrated on experimental CT scans using two different CT systems that allow for non-standard 3D scan trajectories, a twin-robotic system and an industrial cone beam scanner equipped with a hexapod manipulator. Additionally, the applicability of the self-calibrating reconstruction technique for motion compensation is shown. The presented method simplifies robotic and non-standard CT scanning, doubles its throughput, and allows precise CT reconstruction for systems with geometric misalignments.

Rückert D, Butzhammer L, Wittl S, Herl G, Hausotte T, Kurth P

Einrichtung weiterer Autorinnen und Autoren: Deggendorf Institute of Technology